Episode 33

Your boys hang with Chris Villa of #chrisvilladrinkspiss fame and we don’t drink piss but do have another round of titty milk cocktails. We discuss Villa’s new job and freezing your penis off. We talk about Robbie’s career path and shit on some kids doing another dumb challenge. Doobie gets some anger out after a bad yelp in the first fuck you segment of the season. Get that boob juice out and drink up!

Episode 32

In this episode, Robbie and Doob go at it solo. And by go at it we don’t mean sex, we mean podcasting. WTF is wrong with you? We discuss Doob’s view of male anal rape pros and cons, and Robbie sheds some light to parenting in this weird and sensitive world. We talk about some prominent figures who shouldn’t lose their jobs for naughty words, and one prominent figure who definitely needed to lose his job for naughty words. Give it a listen it will make more sense.

WARNING- This episode contains explicit language dealing with race relations. If you’re not equipped to handle an adult conversation with taboo words kindly skip ahead or off yourself.

Episode 31

Season 4 is here bitches! In this episode, Mr. John Bird of Enegren Brewery joins us and he definitely does not drink too much whiskey. (or does he..) Bonky of Fat Fat fame joins us via facetime and laughs or fumbles around over most the jokes, but looks so delicious as he does it. We discuss our time off and baby making, tease some breast milk cocktails for next week, and hear some thoughts on Yelp from our friend Anthony Bourdain. (DED) Grab a shot for this one its all over the place!

Episode 30

Episode 30 recorded live at Dugout Sports Grill Simi Valley. We fuck with our crowd, we sell shirts, we consume! We find out about Carl, and losing virginity stories from our listeners!

Episode 29

In this episode, Fat Fat (guess who) cries grease from his eyes because he gone! People with bad breath get fired, we go into depth about the national Yelp conspiracy, and an extra long Fuck You!

Episode 28

Why, hello there. Thanks for joining us again. In this episode, we open up a super sexy present from Cousin Chris. Doobie’s dad (Captain Jac) steals the spotlight with a fire dad joke, and we explore Bonk’s new hometown, Boston, Texas. We’re still fucking talking about the Eagles, some yabbos updates, someone is gay for Doobie, and we discuss the newly passed law allowing sports betting legally. Strap in folks, this is one mediocre ride.

Episode 27

Hola amigos and amigas. 27 gets kicked off with more digging for the origin of “yabbos”, we share some love of Jewish weddings, and Robbie becomes a pastor. DJ Khaled doesn’t go down on his queen, we open a gift from a loyal listener, we bust a nut, and hear about Bonk’s life falling apart in the span of just one week. Doobie makes a correction, Rob’s wife calls out Bonky and his sexcapade stories, and in the very end Bonky drops a bombshell on the boys, changing the show forever.

Episode 26

In this episode we meet Dr. Love of the Thoughts off the Couch Podcast coming to all platforms very soon. Dr. Love is a professional therapist who tells us stories of the Pink Moon, where you do a dance and then pussies sync up (His doctor words). He tells us a tale of how he caught his nipples and cock on fire, and how he pee-peed and poo-pooed in the wrong place. (Still his words). We hit some listener commentary and get clarification on bringing your own booze onto a flight. We wrap with horrible things that pop into your head that should never be there, and tell some horrible cringeworthy but amazing dad jokes!

Episode 25

Hey Assholes! In this episode Bonky gets a present and sees The Eagles live in Florida. We discuss the intricacies of reality shows, as well as getting high on legal marijuana. We continue to reiterate how dumb millennials are, and how Kevin Spacey has shaped our life goals.

Episode 24

In this piece of genius recording we find out about Robbie’s new and improved healthy liver and kidneys and life without the drank. We watch the LA Kings season end with a whimper, Doobie goes snowboarding, and the proceeds to tell us a shameful story including the 90’s girl band, Hanson. We tell losing virginity stories and then go all Mulder and Scully on you with some theories on the paranormal. (Maybe spark a J for that one) Enjoy!