Episode 42

Doobie and Robbie spend early morning 4th of July discussing the hard hitting issues. Potatoes. Seriously. Also, why our neighbors are fucking assholes on this great holiday, Robbies new job and the similarities to the bar world. We get a little closer to Robbies Subourbon Boys taint tattoo being a reality, and we finish with a classic Fuck You segment. Feels good to be back.

Episode 41

Join your boys with special guest and comedian Lori Marie. We discuss Lori’s journey of being a young and sober comic in the LA comedy world. We go onto yack about dating in the current scene and society. This podcast recording all took place post 9/11.

Find and follow Lori Marie on everything social media @lorimarieok

Episode 40

Finally we reunite with our soulmate podcast sisters, Rikki and Charley of Dear God Its Me 30. We discuss cool summer plans, first BJ’s, and a fucking ton more. This one didn’t go off track, we just lit the whole thing on fire.

Episode 39

The boys are back at again sans Villa. Which presented an interesting addition to the podcast…CHUCK, NOT doing his best Tommy Chong impression. We hit on Robert Kraft, Valentines Day nightmares from your servers point of view and FF Juan attempts to tell us about Steve Irwin and PETA attacking him. We have a phone call with a super fan and things take a turn for the worse!

Episode 38

Chuck and Villa join the boys while Juan is out sick with with a minor case of HIV.  Robbie continues his path toward adulthood, we discuss R. Kelly and his naughty ways, relive the great TV shows of the 90’s and hear about Villa’s treasure trove of 90’s toys.  Chucks got another tinder date, but this time his place is involved. Hear more about Chuck’s swing and a miss, as well as plenty more!

Episode 37

Part 2! Homosexual friend Juan tells a racy story, Chuck finds the soundboard and everyone’s way too giggly. Don’t forget to send ol’ Chucky those texts he loves so much. That phone number again is..

Episode 36

Got a two parter for ya folks! Chuck is Ded, #ChrisVillaDrinksPiss and Faggot Friend Juan join the boys in the studio for a very special Doobie Birthday episode! We hear of vacay and Juans broken butt hole, a near death experience, and a deceiving tinder date.