Episode 51

Banter includes,.. Bonk’s wedding in smelly Austin, Robbie’s dick of a trainer, the Corona Virus, and other Shenanigans. Do you guys miss us? We somewhat feel the same way. Take out a belt loop, pour a bourbon, and soak us in. We love you.

Episode 48

Hi there! The Subourbon Boys celebrate Rob’s birthday with a lil day drinkin’. We discuss the recent fires in our area, the fucking stupidity of local news, Halloween, the world series, Robbie’s overt unintended racism, Doobie gets punched in the face, and more! Turn on, tune in and black the fuck out.

Episode 47

Spooooky season is back and so are your boys! Robbie discusses his sober October, and his son shitting in the yard. Doobie goes on a random adventure into LA, and Robbie lets out the hate in his heart in the infamous Fuck You Segment. We end on a delightful story of a professional baseball player getting kicked in the face through a dog door followed by a taser to the cock head. Enjoy!

Episode 46

The original Subourbon Boys are back together! Bonky and his beautiful fiance are in town and the shit goes down. We play the Newlywed Game, and talk about how Bonk might die. We hit Dave Chappelle, Vice News, and a ton of other bullshit. Oh also, chicken tetrazzini. Just Listen.